Department of Mathematics

Gülnihal Yücel Best TA Award


Gülnihal Yücel graduated from our department in 1991 and completed her Master's at Bilkent University Mathematics Department in 1994. After that she started to work at our department as an instructor. Unfortunately she passed away in August 2013. She translated Gauss's four proofs of "Fundamental Theorem of Algebra" and Gauss's famous work on surfaces (Disquisitiones Generales Circa Superficies Curvas) to Turkish which were published by Boğaziçi University Press.

To keep her dear memory alive our department decided to give this award every year to the best teaching assistant which is decided by the faculty members. Starting from the year 2014, the list of the winners is:

Gülnihal Yücel Best TA Award Winner
Award Year
Kübra Benli 2014
Erman Çineli 2015
Şefika Kuzgun 2016
Şermin Çam Çelik 2017
İlkiz Bildik 2018
Adem Arslan 2019